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Dairy Farm Consultant - Waikato Region - Practical Farm Solutions, Supervision & Mentoring

As a 5th generation dairy farmer with 40+ years of practical experience in the dairy farming industry, I am now ready to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation of dairy farmers.

The successes I have achieved with Glen Koru stud breeding program has given me a firm understanding of what is required to achieve business goals. We currently have four bulls in Premier Sires with others still awaiting proof. “Glen Koru Beckon” is currently the top bull of all breeds on the RAS list.

I offer practical advice and mentoring in the following areas -

  •  Pasture Management
  •  Milk Quality
  •  Genetics and breeding
  •  Animal Husbandry
  •  Reports
  •  BCS

I offer my services to the Waikato Region.

Latest Posts

New Dairy Farm Consultant – Site Launch!

Having to sell up my herd and farm was a big step for myself and my wife Karen. It was closing the door to a huge part of our lives.  But now new doors are opening and it is an…

Glen Koru Herd Sale

Glen Koru Herd Sale

19 June 2018 – we did the unthinkable. After suffering with a very bad back for many years I came to the conclusion that I needed to do something different.  Karen was a trooper often getting up early to milk for me but even she was ‘over it’.  After much discussion and heart ache we decided to  sell up and move. So we auctioned our herd…. and believe it or not, the sun came up the next day. It has been a major change to our life and lifestyle after 40 years of farming.

The auction went ahead after a major clean up around the farm. The farm machinery was a little disappointing but it had to go. The cows sold extremely well. We averaged $4200.00 per cow and that was including 17 empties which only made $800. Top price paid was 24K for a jersey cow “Camp Claim Trudy” S3J.

Thanks to our agent Andrew Reyland, to the Wrightson team and also to family and friends who helped out on the day. Apparently there were 150 cars lined up on Cochrane road!

I shed a few tears as the last cows were sold – the end of an era.

Now after a successful back surgery I am ready for my new career as a dairy farm consultant.  I just can’t leave the industry totally, it’s in my blood!

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